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PiezoMotor Uppsala AB (publ) (“PiezoMotor”), a leading provider of pioneering micro motors, is proud to announce the release of a new direct drive linear motor with integrated encoder – Piezo LEGS Linear 6N, also called LL06.

PiezoMotor has developed the next generation of its classic Piezo LEGS. The motor has undergone major redesign and repackaging, with the same piezo ceramic actuators at its core as the predecessor LL10. The basic performance characteristics are therefore unchanged, but now with a slimmer design and options for guides that steer the drive rod, and an integrated high-resolution optical encoder.

“The LL06 represents a milestone for PiezoMotor – a new motor generation which is designed to meet customer demand for compact size and integration of a high-resolution position sensor, and competitive in price so that it can replace conventional stepper motor and lead screw assemblies in many OEM applications”, says Johan Westermark, CEO of PiezoMotor.

The slimmer basic design allows for integration in even tighter spaces. Non-encoder version motors can be stacked with a center-to-center distance of only 7 mm. Weight has also been reduced by 30 % with a total weight of only 16 grams (including guides and encoder). Plastic guides to steer the drive rod improve the repeatability of the motor and make integration into customers’ systems easier. The integrated incremental position sensor with 1.25 µm resolution enables closed loop control saving valuable space as there is no need for bulky external encoder systems.

Piezo LEGS linear motors are designed for a large range of OEM applications with focus on precise positioning. The direct drive principle of these motors ensures motion without mechanical play or backlash. Submicrometer movement down to nanometer level can be achieved with a compact and strong motor. Piezo LEGS motors can in many cases replace conventional stepper motor assemblies when there is need for better resolution, smoother linear movement or only to save valuable installation space.

Motors based on Piezo LEGS technology are ideally suited for move and hold applications since they are stiff by design and do not consume any power when in hold position. The drive technology is direct, meaning no gears or lead screws are needed to create linear motion. Speed ranges from nanometers per second to millimeters per second, and can be seamlessly controlled in the whole dynamic range.

You can find out more about the new generation Piezo LEGS Linear 6N motor on our website: www.www.piezomotor.com/products/linear/LL06

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About PiezoMotor

PiezoMotor is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of groundbreaking micro motors based on piezoelectric materials. Simple, extremely precise and very small, the motors replace traditional technology and enable motorization where it was not possible before. The motors’ performance includes sub-nanometer positioning as well as high force in a small package. The motors can operate in vacuum and can be made completely non-magnetic, which opens up entirely new possibilities. In Uppsala, Sweden, PiezoMotor has its own in-house high-volume manufacturing facility, R&D center and headquarters. All major geographical markets are covered by an established global distribution network and PiezoMotor has many leading multinational customers within medical technology, the semiconductor industry, space and defense technology as well as in optics. For more information, please visit www.piezomotor.com.