Privacy Policy

What data is gathered
when you visit our website?

Information used to provide service to you

If you send a request through one of our contact forms, we will send the information you chose to provide in the form to the corresponding contact person so they may process your request. The data is also stored (in a non publicly available area) on this website as a reference.

Meta data about your visit

Our website is hosted on the swiss provider Cyon. When you visit our site some meta data about your visit will be automatically stored in the logs of their servers. This data includes:

  • The IP-Adress of your browser
  • Date and time of your visit
  • Website which might have referred you to our site
  • Your browser type

Find more details about how the data is stored on cyon’s privacy page (page provided in German).

External services
used on this website

Videos from Vimeo

Videos displayed on this site are embedded from the video platform Vimeo.
The Vimeo player is set to Do Not Track what ”prevents the player from tracking session data, including cookies” as stated in their documentation. Their privavy policy applies.

Fonts from Google Fonts

Fonts are embedded from the Google Fonts service.
Their privacy policy applies.

Got questions
about your data?

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions relating your privacy on our site.