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Our product offerings, including micro motors, OEM custom systems, and sub-system assemblies, are at the forefront of innovation. We serve diverse core markets, spanning Life Science Instrumentation, Medtech, Semiconductors, Aerospace, Defence, and the cutting-edge realm of Industry 4.0.

With a commitment to excellence, we provide the driving force that propels these industries forward, enabling progress and success. When you choose us, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to empowering your industry with tailored solutions that lead to transformative results.

Standard Direct Drive Linear Micro Piezo Motors 6.5N – 40N

Nanometer resolution with load capacity of up to 40N with up to 72+ mm of stroke. Friction drive ensures full-force, power-off locking while avoiding mechanical play or backlash. There are Non-Magnetic and Vacuum versions and there are reasonably priced Starter Kits for testing.
More on the Piezo LEGS® technology here.

Close up of the Piezo LEGS® LT40 micro motor

Custom Linear and Rotary Direct Drive Piezo Motors up to 450N

We design and manufacture customized direct drive linear motors with 40N, 300N and 450N of force. We also manufacture rotary piezo motors. Motors are available in non-magnetic and vacuum compatible versions with nanometer resolution.

Acuvi PiezoMotor LTC450, linear 450N linear piezo motor with pmd 401controller
Acuvi PiezoMotor LTC450, linear 450N linear piezo motor with pmd 401 controller

Our Microplate Robot is built for integration in your application

The Acuvi TPA Motion Microplate Robot is a robot designed to transport microplates and other payloads around inside a laboratory instrument or other machine. It is an excellent choice for Lab Automation, Diagnostic Devices, Life Science Research and Clinical Chemistry where workflows benefit from being automated.

Complete Microplate Handler / Robot

Custom Curved Rail Systems for OEM applications

Curved rail systems for industrial, medical and aerospace customers.  They are cost effective for Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEMs) and are made in several different versions.

Motorized Carriage Assembly
Motorized Carriage Assembly

“We fully utilize our engineering expertise as well as our past experiences to ensure that we develop the best solution for your application”

Telescopic slides for a wide variety of applications

There are many telescopic linear guides in the market, but few that are made of corrosion resistant materials for the food processing industry. Heavy duty slides and bottom mount with low force requirement are also manufactured.

Telescopic slides
Stainless steel telescopic slide from Acuvi TPA

Linear guides for high temperature systems

Today linear guidance is needed in many applications in high temperature environments. Most standard linear guides are rated for continuous operation up to 80 C. We build slides that continuously work in environment up to 370 C.

High temperature slides and actuators
High temperature slides and actuators

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