Innovation in Precision Motion Solutions

Do you need high accuracy or have tight space requirements in your project?  We have the solutions for you.

Our products can achieve extreme precision and have a compact design.

Med tech robotics

Innovation in motion

We design and manufacture precision linear motion systems. We can provide engineered OEM solutions and component products.

We provide in-house manufacturing, engineering and mechanical integration. We can support in motion control and drive electronics.

Linear and Rotary Micro Motors with nanometer precision

  • Piezo LEGSĀ® direct linear or rotary motion
  • High resolution down to 0.6 nm
  • Self-locking without power draw and zero backlash
  • Non-magnetic and no generation of magnetic fields
  • Vacuum compatible
  • Developed and manufactured in house
The LT40, sub-nanometer precision, vacuum and magnetic field compatible motor

Advanced Laboratory Automation

Acuvi specializes in delivering high-precision, cutting-edge solutions for Neurotechnology and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Additionally, Acuvi makes these well-developed and thoroughly tested technologies available to its OEM customers.

Sensapex Patch-Clamp Worksation

More than 20 years of advanced engineering precision motion technologies


We understand the markets where our customers are operating.




In-house manufacturing and patented technology.



Manufacturing and engineering plants in the US, Sweden and Finland.


We Design and Manufacture OEM Custom Motion Systems and Sub-assemblies

We provide engineers and designers with the widest variety of components and subassemblies for high precision dynamic (both linear and rotary) motion applications.

Complete Microplate Handler / Robot
Complete TPA Microplate Handler / Robot