Motion Accuracy.
We are developing
the next generation of
advanced precision technologies.

We are delivering solutions for Life Science Instrumentation, Medtech, Semicon and Advanced Industrial applications.

We are experts in demanding and integrated solutions, supporting the general market trends of ongoing miniaturization and higher precision.

We are providers of critical components, subsystems and complete application level solutions for industrial OEM customers and research institutions.

We offer compact drive solutions for high volume applications through individual industrial licensing models.

We have a global focus aimed at leadership in niche applications in Life Science Instrumentation, Medtech, Semicon and Advanced Industrial markets.

High precision and miniaturization are
key factors for industrial products and systems.

That’s exactly why we are keen to become one of the worlds leading group of companies providing accurate positioning solutions. We channel our resources and knowledge to offer the best solutions to our forward thinking customers.
We are passionate about technology and ambitious to find the best answers to tomorrow’s challenges in the field of Life Science Instrumentation, Medtech, Semicon and Advanced Industrial.

Accuracy and Stability.
Solutions for OEM’s and research institutions.

Customer centered

Our organization is built around our customers. We understand the markets where our customers are operating and we gather deep application knowledge to deliver best possible service.

Investing in Innovation

We take over where solutions based on traditional technology have reached their limits. These efforts in innovation lead us to a strong patent pipeline over the years.

Market presence

We sell all around the world through our direct sales activities or together with our premium distribution partners. Our aim is to be as close as possible to the customers, covering geographical regions and selected industries.

Solutions that are changing industries.

Our specialized expertise is supporting the realization of customized solutions in the fields of Life Science Instrumentation, Medtech, Semicon and Advanced Industrial.

Life Science Instrumentation

Life Science Instrumentation

Enabling high precision applications for molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, clinical pathology and pharmacology. Used to investigate cell structures and their functions, the ultrastructure of biomolecules and proteins, and three-dimensional structures. Technologies used in the field of Cells & Tissues, Plants, Pharma, Cosmetics, Food and Material Science.



In the field of medical devices, surgical instruments and radiology devices, highly reliable, precise and safe solutions are required. They are supporting to enhance system performance and improve patient outcomes. Medical visualization and surgical robotics technologies are used in minimally invasive surgery applications and analysis solutions.



For Semicon applications, such as lithography, ion implantation and wafer inspection, integrated solutions are required to cover highly advanced in-line and off-line analysis systems for semiconductor device development, manufacturing, failure analysis and quality assurance.

Advanced Industrial

Advanced Industrial

Advancements in manufacturing processes drive the need for improvements for optical systems, motion control solutions and industrial automation to improve precision, speed, size, quality, and reliability of critical manufacturing processes. Integrated systems using high precision components meet these requirements.

Meet acuvi.

Our group of companies offers unique services by unifying different brands. We share a common goal: the belief that we can provide best solution for the technologies that our customers require. Thanks to this unique synergy our customers can benefit from a wide range of products and services, in a flexible way that best suits their individual needs.

Piezo based actuators and linear motors

Proprietary piezo technology based ultra-precise and compact


Motion control and automation platforms

Generic and core application specific automation platform products


System integration and linear motion solutions

OEM custom systems and sub-assemblies

TPA motion

Examples of
integrated applications.

Advanced microscopy & imaging

Advanced microscopy & imaging

Advanced microscopy enables optical characterization of samples from single molecule to the tissue and organ level. This is often done in combination with the optical and mechanical sample manipulation, which require ultra-high positioning accuracy and stability. Our proprietary products and technologies provide turn-key integrated solutions for the optics, sample and micromanipulation automations used in advanced microscopy and imaging.



Building solutions with piezo micromotors instead of traditional technology makes it possible to develop instruments, which analyze and characterize samples at molecular level, providing faster results and optimized treatments. Outstanding precision allows dispensing liquids in smaller and more accurate quantities to increase analysis quality.

Semiconductor manufacturing

Semiconductor manufacturing

The semiconductor industry is pushing the boundaries for both the size and performance of microchips. To maximize these demanding requirements, extremely precise positioning control is required during the production and testing processes. Ever toughening requirements have become too challenging to meet with the traditional technology, which creates growing demand for our unique and innovative high precision solutions.

Advanced optics

Advanced optics

Strong trend continues in advanced optics to pack more features and higher performance in smaller form factor. The complex and compact optical assemblies with many precisely moving elements require new technologies for the integrated positioning solutions. We provide fully integrated and tailored solutions for the optical systems used in the advanced industrial and higher volume imaging applications.

Investing in
the future.

We are building a business with industry leading capabilities and strong market position in our focus applications, which are future growth markets involving demanding customer requirements that we can serve best with our unique value proposition. As a result we can achieve our high organic and inorganic growth targets combined with sustainable high profitability.

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